The Fascinating World of Beauty Pageants in Harris County, TX

Mihir Zaveri is a renowned reporter at Express Desk, and he has previously worked at The Houston Chronicle. At 26, he is the youngest director of events in the state and, until recently, the youngest in the country. This new era of entertainment celebrates fashionable girls from the Facebook generation instead of beautiful and playful women who say nothing controversial. The Miss Irving de Martin organization is one of the few regional contests in Texas that is active on Twitter. Toni-Ann Singh, from Jamaica, made history when she was crowned Miss World on Saturday, becoming the first black woman to simultaneously hold the titles of five of the most important beauty pageants in the world.

This is a testament to the increasing acceptance of black skin among the public. Hunter Daniel, a 29-year-old marketing and events director for Cancer Care Services, and co-executive director of the Miss Dallas beauty pageant, has tried to modernize things with a platform that focuses on raising awareness about HIV and AIDS. She attended a fashion show at the Rose Room Theater of the Station 4 gay nightclub in Dallas during her year at the Miss Irving pageant.

Are there any famous past winners of beauty pageants from Harris County, TX?

The truth is, behind the glittering dresses and perfectly groomed hair, the Texas beauty pageant is a tradition in crisis. There are currently more judges (seven) and contest representatives (five) than there are contestants (six for Miss Irving and four for Miss Teen Irving). ABC left the Miss America contest after 2004, when the audience fell below 10 million; the contest reappeared on the TLC network, where last year only 4.5 million tuned in. The day of the contest begins with the full-length interview section of the competition, held in a conference room at half past nine in the morning at the Homewood Suites on Airport Freeway in Bedford.

Professor Rooks recently taught a course on race, fashion and gender.

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