What is the Dress Code for Contestants in Beauty Pageants in Harris County, TX?

Beauty pageants in Harris County, TX are a unique opportunity for girls to develop their grooming skills, learn about tactical warfare and practice creating intense mother-daughter bonds. The dress code for contestants varies depending on the type of contest they are participating in. For example, Holy Week-style suits or outfits are recommended for the men's division. For the women's division, contestants should wear a cocktail dress or other formal attire.

The PERSONAL INTERVIEW part of the contest is an important part of the competition. During this time, judges evaluate each girl's “inner beauty, personality and character” as indicated in her manual. Most contestants have already competed in a local beauty contest which are hundreds every year in Texas; some organized by chambers of commerce along with local harvest festivals; others organized by Miss America where girls compete for scholarships; and others organized by Miss Universe (co-owned by NBC and Donald Trump) where girls pay to compete for prizes. A new contest in the state of Texas is aiming to redefine beauty standards, create opportunities for sisterhood and celebrate plus-size women. This weekend, five contestants will compete to be the first woman in history.

Inside the hotel, the contestants of the contest, aged between fourteen and eighteen years old, crossed the lobby, assessing the competition. On the ground floor, in the dressing room, Tye Felan was sitting in a corner in a hot pink strapless dress, alone, with her head bowed in prayer. Motivating Ashley to enter a beauty contest was for more than just the desire to win. Her parents spared no expense to prepare her for the contest, providing her with her own pit equipment including her own trainer and makeup artist as well as an impressive wardrobe selected from Houston's best boutiques. From the moment you enter the contest, contestants will have a full schedule of activities including interviews, rehearsals and shows. She wasn't the most elegant girl nor did she have the most elaborate dress but she stood out on stage; she “shone”.Beauty pageants in Harris County, TX offer girls a unique opportunity to develop their skills and practice creating strong bonds with their families.

Contestants should wear formal attire such as cocktail dresses or Holy Week-style suits or outfits depending on their division. During the PERSONAL INTERVIEW part of the competition, judges evaluate each girl's “inner beauty, personality and character” as indicated in her manual.

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