Beauty Pageants in Harris County, TX: Is There a Swimsuit Portion of the Competition?

Judges of beauty pageants in Harris County, TX are searching for an absolute winner. Recently, the Miss America organization declared a major change in the format of the competition: they are taking steps to judge the contestants more on their inner beauty than their outer beauty. This implies that the swimwear competition has been eliminated and instead, each candidate will take part in a live interactive session with the judges, in which they will emphasize their accomplishments and goals in life and how they will use their talent, passion and ambition to play the role of Miss America. The Miss Texas beauty pageant was established in 1936 and has the purpose of providing personal and professional opportunities for young Texans and promoting their voice in culture, politics and community.

This weekend, the Miss Plus America national competition will occur on July 2 at the Omni Hotel in Houston. Registration includes an intensive training program for the 4-week beauty contest sponsored by MISS Academy's Sash Class. From the moment you attend the contest, the contestants will have a full schedule of activities, interviews, rehearsals and shows. Rather than harshly judging contestants by their physical presence on stage through first impressions, costumes and choreography, the Plus contest engages contestants in rigorous interviews, giving them the opportunity to show who they are beyond the competition.

My experience preparing for the demanding question-and-answer sessions of the contests prepared me to succeed and taught me how to manage any questions that came my way. In leaked emails, Haskell and others insulted the appearance, intellect, and personal lives of former contest winners, including Carlson. Levario-Canchola believes that displaying large sizes is one of society's priorities, in order to show the world what women can do and are capable of doing in these spaces while maintaining their authentic identity. The Texas competition is an official preliminary to the Miss America competition, and pageant spokeswoman Valerie Bell said that having women compete in the swimwear category at the state level but not at the national level should have no effect on the Miss America pageant.

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