Beauty Pageants: How They Support Communities in Harris County, TX

A new contest in the state of Texas is aiming to redefine beauty standards, create opportunities for sisterhood and celebrate plus-size women. This weekend, five contestants will compete for the first Mrs. Texas title. Although this is the first time this event has been held at the state level in the Lone Star State, the national system itself has existed for 33 years with chapters across the country, including Alabama, DMV, Georgia, Michigan, New York, North Carolina and Virginia. Beauty pageants can be a powerful force for good in local communities.

They can donate to charities and reward people for their support. For instance, on the day after Thanksgiving, four hours before the orientation session of the Miss Texas Teen USA 2003 pageant began, Ashley was sitting waiting in the lobby of a Houston hotel. It was believed that the girl who represented Houston always had an advantage in the contest; just as the beauty queens of Texas have a certain mystique on the national stage, eight Texans have been crowned Miss USA. Most had already competed in a local beauty contest, of which there are hundreds in Texas every year. These contests are organized by chambers of commerce, along with local harvest festivals; non-profit organizations such as Miss America and Miss Universe (co-owned by NBC and Donald Trump); and other non-profit organizations.

Tye was beautiful in a way that needed no adornment, with porcelain skin, blue eyes, a small waist and a willow dancer's body. Exactly what motivated Ashley to enter a beauty contest was for less obvious reasons than the desire to win. For example, running a 5K race for the National Cancer Society to raise funds to combat this horrible disease is just one more example of how participants in a beauty contest can make a difference. That was until one weekend last fall, she became the 53rd contestant of the Miss Texas Teen USA 2003 pageant. Some of the charitable activities of beauty pageants include helping to build homes for people who receive a new lease on life through exceptional organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. Texas wrested control of the organization from Richard Guy and Rex Holt in 1979, amid rumors of fraud in the contests.

See how state and local beauty pageants help and embrace their communities through charitable work such as volunteering and organizing charitable events for nonprofit organizations. In addition to helping with charity work, many beauty pageant contestants are also there in times of crisis. The personal interview of the contest began at nine o'clock the next morning without an audience, in the cold conference room of a hotel. Beauty pageants can be an important part of local communities by providing support and assistance when needed. They can also help raise funds for charities and provide scholarships for those who need it most. By participating in these events, contestants can make a difference in their communities and help create positive change.

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